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WALT: What best explains the start of the English Civil War?
WILFs: Can list some valid reasons for the start of the English Civiln War (L3).... Can list and explain some causes of the English Civil War (L4)...... Can compare and contrast the causes of the English Civil War and comment on their relative importance (L5)..... Can evaluate the causes of the English Civil War and make a supported choice as to what best explains its start (L6)...... Can make a sustained, supported and persuasive case for what best explains the start of the English Civil War (L7)

First read the presentation linked from the left and watch the film clip at the bottom of the page. Then study the causes listed below in the boxes. What you need to do is to decide how important they are and rank them in order. Write out your list in your book or in Word. Then complete the Key Words exercise, quiz and decision making game. The extension link is there for you to investigate the causes of the English Civil War in detail.

In 1625, Charles went to war with Spain and lost

In 1629, Charles locked MP's out of Parliament for 11 years

Charles was arrogant and conceited and would not listen to the opinions of others

Many in England feared that Charles favoured the Catholics too much - after all, he was married to a Catholic

Charles firmly believed in the divine rights of kings and that it was his right to run the country as he wished

Since Henry VIII there had been problems over religion and Charles could not hope to keep everybody happy

Charles spent a great deal of money on works of art by Rubens and Van Dyck

There was a general belief in the country that Parliament should have more say in how the country was run

In 1640, Charles fought a war against the Scots and lost. He had to pay the Scots to leave England

In 1626, Parliament refused to raise money for Charles

Many feared that the children of Charles were being secretly brought up as Roman Catholics

England had general money problems in the 1620's to 1640's. Charles should have set a better example to his people with regards to spending

In 1628, Charles went to war with the French and lost

Charles had too many favourites at court - he listened only to their advice

In 1634, Charles extended Ship Money throughout the country

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