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Year 8 History Web Page Project
Exercise 1: Design Rules
Exercise 2: Creating a Web Site
Exercise 3: Test Your Knowledge (ext)
CD Writer Tutorial (ext)
Historical Research (ext)
Exercise 4: Web Site Evaluation


Welcome to the Year 8 History and ICT Web Page Project

In this project you will create a 3-4 page web site on what it was like to be a black slave in America. In order to do this you will need to learn some history and some ICT! You will also get marked with a National Curriculum Level for both

At the end of the 3 week project you will need in your history book print outs of the exercises linked from this page and some sample pages from the site you have created. You will also have to have completed, printed and submitted the Evaluation Interactive diagram

Creating the Site
It is possible to create web pages in Word or Publisher but they are rather limited because you can only use basic features. Mr Walker has therefore kindly put a rather neat web editor called 3D Writer in the Web Design area of the Learning Zone for you to use. It is up to you however what you decide to use. You will also need to evaluate the software you have used.
There are also some rinky dinky pieces of software in Web Design which will allow you to create interactive exercises and quizzes for your site.

1. Complete the Exercises 1-3 linked to the left printing out 1 and 2 for your books
2. Complete the historical research using the History Research link button
3. Write your web site and save in an appropriately named folder in your work
4. The best web sites from each class will be uploaded to the College extranet.
5. Print some sample pages from your site to submit for assessment.
6. Complete Exercise 4: The evaluation of your site

Olaudah Equiano

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