Creating a Web Page

How to Create a Web Site

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You will probably create your pages using a web . A web editor is something which your words and pictures into HTML (hypertext mark up Language). HTML is very . Fortunately you don't need to know anything much about it as web design software will produce HTML pages for you.

In the format menu of a web editor it is possible to create numbered or bulleted and the change the background of your pages. You can also divide you pages with horizontal .

Pictures and Tables
To position something on a page usually means you have to create a through the Insert menu.
You can also add by clicking on the Insert menu

Different Types of Picture
There are two main types of picture on the Internet GIFS and JPEGS.
GIFS are good for pictures with few colours such as logos and line drawings. JPEGS are better for because they can display more colours.
You can convert pictures between the two types in a program and using "save as".

Creating Hyperlinks is very easy in a web editor

1) Select the words you want to become a by dragging and highlighting them with the mouse.
2) Click on the Hyperlink
3) That will bring up a dialog box. If the link is to an Internet site, type in the full URL, such as

It is worth planning out what you want to create on a spider first. Start off with your page in the centre and draw a picture of how things are going to link together. This will stop you getting later.

Stay Legal
When you create a web site you are in the same way as someone who writes and publishes a book. You are therefore subject to the same It is illegal to say harmful things about others or spread lies. It is also illegal to the sites or words of others. This is called .