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Interactive Exam Practice
Last Minute Revision
Demographic Change
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Introduction
Lesson 3: Functionalism
Lesson 4: Radical Psychiatry
Lesson 5: Marxist Perspectives
Marxist Perspectives Plenary
Lesson 6: Feminist Perspectives
New Right / Post Modernist Perspectives
Perspectives Plenary
Functionalism Revision
Lesson 7: Industrialisation
Lesson 8: The Family in the 1950s
Lessons 9&10: Family Diversity/Divorce
Lesson 11: Family Roles
Lesson 12: The Dark side of the Family
Theories of Family Cloze 1
Critical Views of the Family
New Right Ideology reading/test
The Family and Social Policy
Parsons Cloze
Young and Wilmott Cloze
Feminist Perspectives
Feminist Critique Basic
Feminist Critique Detailed
Divorce timed  reading/test
Divorce Interactive Diagram
Children and Divorce
Conjugal Roles Lesson
Conjugal Roles Cloze
Family Interactive Tests
Family Essays
Ask a Teacher


Welcome to Families and Households Lessons

Lessons are powerpoint introductions to the topics in this unit. If you haven't got PowerPoint you will need to download a free PowerPoint reader from the button bar on the left.
Timed Reading introduces a topic and tests factual recall directly afterwards

Cloze are interactive activities that generate more detailed notes.
Interactive tests will test your factual recall.
The essays page gives you your schedule of work for the first two terms of this unit.

Use the Ask a Teacher button for help and advice online

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