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What is the Purpose of Education?
Perspectives Countdown
Key Terms
What is Socialisation?
Social Policy Lesson
Education History Cloze
The Tripartite System
The Comprehensive Ideal
The Education Reform Act 1988
Selection, Setting and Streaming Debate
Education and the Economy
Vocational Education
Policy 1979-2002 Cloze
Evaluating Social Policy
Social Policy Essay Plan
Social Policy Timeline
Social Policy Quiz
Key Words Countdown 1
Hidden Curriculum  Interactive Diagram
Role of Education Lesson
Functionalism Cloze
Marxist Perspectives 1
Marxist Perspectives 2
Bowles and Gintis Interactive Diagram
Pupil Sub-cultures
Class and Achievement Lesson 1
Class and Achievement Lesson 2
Class and Achievement Lesson 3
Class and Achievement Revision
Class and Achievement Cloze 1
Class and Achievement Cloze 2
Class and Achievement Diagram
Class and Achievement Essay Plan
Gender and Achievement  Intro
Gender and Achievement  Lesson 1
Gender and Achievement  Lesson 2
 Gender/Achievement Cloze
 Gender/Achievement Diagram
 Gender and Achievement Lesson 3
 Gender and Achievement Lesson 4
 Gender and Achievement Essay Plan
 Gender and Achievement Countdown
 Ethnicity/Achievement Lesson
 Ethnicity/Achievement Lesson 2
 Ethnicity/Education Cloze
 Ethnicity and Education Countdown
 Ethnicity/Achievement Essay Plan
 Ethnicity/Achievement Recent Trends
 Debates in Education 1: Ofsted
 Debates in Education 2: Private Schools
Should Fee Paying Schools be abolished?
Education Interactive tests
Education essays
Ask a Teacher
Education Exemplar Answers
Sociology Home

Lessons comprise of short powerpoint presentations to introduce topics. if you haven't got powerpoint you will need to download a free powerpoint reader from the button bar on the left.
Cloze activities are fill in the blank exercises which will provide much more detailed revision notes once complete

Interactive Diagrams will help you structure your revision notes
Interactive Tests will test your factual knowledge in a variety of ways
The essay schedule outlines your schedule of work for this unit. You can also use our online timer to work under timed conditions

 Use the Ask a Teacher button for help and feedback

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