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WALT: What is the Purpose of Education?

WILFs: 1. Suggest three ways in which Marxists see school as being similar to the world of work (C) (6 marks)
2. Assess the claim that 'the main function of education is to maintain a value consensus in society' (A) (20 marks)


Lesson Development : 1.Study the pictures and consider the question - What is the purpose of education? Make a list then Stand and Share
2. Study the PPT and add to your list

3. Promenade your partner - try and share and remember a detailed description of functionalist and Marxist explanations of the role of education - when you think you can do this and quote 2 examples of both shout BINGO
4. Stand up hand up pair up and Rally coach both close exercises
5. Quiz quiz trade
6. With a new partner complete the interactive diagram
7. All write consensus today's
Wilfs then paraphrase passport today's WALT
7. Plenary key words quiz

A typical school assembly scene. What is being learnt here?
Why do UK schools make children wear identical clothes?

Saluting the flag at an American State school. What is being taught here?

The end of the rainbow? GCSE results slip.

1935 German school scene. The writing on the board says "The Jews are our enemies" The 2 boys at the front are Jewish

Why these rules?

Why do Headteacher's like to make fashion statements?

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