Ethnicity and Differential Achievement from

The Role of Religion

Complete the exercise, drop into Word and print. Then do the same for In School Factors. Finish off by Reading the Summary PowerPoint linked on page 2 and come back together as a group to discuss.

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For some ethnic minorities values may be an explanation for their relative overachievement in education.

For Sikhs religious values are a significant part of day to day life. There are around 400,000 Sikhs in the UK. They emphasise the acquisition of skills and success in education to enhance in society.

The population of the UK have a tradition of being a highly successful community in all walks of life, influenced by the Jewish tradition of emphasising excellence in work and study.

Hinduism believes in a caste system where only the higher castes achieve the highest standards of education Hinduism also advocates ideals of which can help you do well in school.

Muslims make up the largest non Christian minority in the UK with about 1 million Muslims living in the UK. The beliefs of modern Islam promote the rights of , stressing their equality and their rights to study and work in society. This may be factor in the high achievement of Muslim girls.

It has been suggested that religion may also be a factor in explaining the relative of Afro Caribbean boys. Rastafarianism and its misunderstanding by teachers may well be a source of friction between teachers and West Indian boys contributing to negative and a self fulfilling prophecy of educational underachievement.