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Recommended Revision Guide


WALT: What have been the main State Policies on education from 1945?
WILFS: Can describe and explain main state policies, their motives and their impact from 1945 (C)... Can evaluate motive and impact in a sustained judgement using theory and evidence (A)

Lesson 1 Development:
1. Rally Robin all the state policies you can remember from 1945 onwards in a list







2. Stand and Share
3. Study PPT 1 then Stand Up Hand Up and Pair Up and rally coach the Cloze on The Tripartite System and the Comprehensive system - Print copies for both of you
4. Promenade your partner:
a) First discuss arguments for and against the tripartite system - when you have 3 arguments for and 3 against and a judgement shout BINGO! and share with class
b) Now with a new partner discuss arguments for and against the comprehensive system - are you in favour of comprehensives? Can you support your judgement? Class will share using random name generator
5. Now with your Study Buddy investigate Vocational Education - what is it and what are the arguments for and against it? Stand and Share
6. Fan N Pick
7. Plenary - complete a revision diagram with your Study Buddy and print

Lesson 2 Development

  1. Draw a timeline for the following - vocationalism, education reform act, butler act, comprehensives, curriculum 2000, academies, league tables
  2. On your timeline write a couple of sentences defining what each one is
  3. Now for each policy listed on your timeline write a paragraph saying which political party introduced it, what the motive was and give a little more detail about each one
  4. Define these key concepts in this unit; marketisation, vocational, academic, selection, specialisation.
  5. Now for each policy on your timeline draw a grid which shows
  6. Plan answers to the practice questions below


Policy name

Arguments for

Arguments against

Evaluation - did it improve standards?













Practice Questions
1. Explain what is meant by 'vocational' studies. (2 marks)
2. Identify two policies that have 'aimed to introduce "market forces" into education'
(4 marks).
2. Assess the extent to which policies of encouraging competition between schools and increasing parental choice have improved the achievement of working-class pupils. (20 marks)
3. Assess the extent to which education social polices from 1988 to the present have improved standards in schools (20 marks)

For timed exam practice use the timer below
Allow yourself 45 minutes per essay

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