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Essay Schedule for Families and Households

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You have to complete the following six essays during term 1 and term 2 of your A1 Sociology. You can complete the essays in any order you prefer. Please make sure that the first three have been handed in by Christmas.
Use the timer at the bottom of the page to write essays under timed conditions.(45 minutes per essay).
Use the ask a teacher button to ask questions, submit ideas or drafts.

Use the essay writing powerpoint Lesson (left) to help your planning.

Essay Titles
1. The nuclear family is universal, inevitable and desirable. Discuss.
2. To what extent do sociologists support the view that the modern family is symmetrical?
3. How has the composition of the family changed over the last three hundred years?
4. To what extent can "liberal laws" be blamed for the dramatic increase in divorce?
5. To what extent does social policy reinforce the idea that the nuclear unit is the best and most desirable form of family?
6. Examine the view that the nuclear family serves and reproduces the capitalist system.

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