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AS Sociology Work Schedule

During the first two terms of the year students following the A1 Sociology unit at DTC will be expected to take notes from ALL the online powerpoints and online  lessons and complete ALL the notes Cloze activities on Education and Families and Households.

Students must also complete the structured reading and associated tasks identified on their reading lists
Your progress will be monitored regularly  by your tutor at you and targets will be negotiated.
You are also expected and required to revise regularly using the interactive tests and quizzes.

In addition to this you will be expected to write 4 essays over the first 2 terms using the essay titles given on the essays pages.
You will have to action plan these very carefully and be very disciplined about their completion. Make sure you go through your essay plans with your tutor before you start writing.
Coursework will commence near the end of term two. Use the link button to the left for futher details and advice.
NB/ 2004-5 AS students will not be doing coursework. Instead they will be studying for the Methods paper in June

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