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Welcome to A1 Coursework Guidance

For your A1 coursework you have to design and write a research proposal on a subject that you yourself can pick from anywhere within the Sociology Specification.

So what is this Coursework/Research proposal?

It is a design for a piece of research that could be carried out either by you, later, or by anyone else but it is NOT the actual carrying out of the research. All you have to do is to describe what could be done, why it might be done, how it could be done and any problems that might arise when someone tried to do it.

When and where are you going to do this work?

 You will start coursework towards the end of your second term of studying or perhaps a little later and where you do it, whether in class or in private study periods may well depend on your teacher or lecturer. These details will be negotiated at your fortnightly tutorials. If you have all the knowledge you need in your head, or in your notes before you start it should not take you very long to write succinctly and clearly enough to show an examiner that you know what you are talking about. It has been designed so that it is a realistic alternative to doing an hour-long exam paper (and don’t forget you would expect to spend some time revising for that as well as sitting in the exam room).

Here is a list of some possible topics:

You are advised to draw a hypothesis out of one of them



Voting Behaviour and young people


A case study of a students experience of work, re. working conditions, job satisfaction etc.


The study of a particular occupation from secondary sources - working conditions, sexism, trade union activity, impact of technology, pay, qualifications etc.


How people feel about unemployment - including interviews and statistical data


A study of a particular subcultural group, using PO and secondary data.


A study of media images of a social group


A study of authority and decision making within a social group


A school or college-based study using Keddie’s approach


A study of the factors within the school/college that help to reinforce traditional male/female stereotypes/images


An investigation into playground behaviour/games/violence etc.


A study of social class and educational achievement


An analysis of children’s books in terms of gender activity


A study of the division of labour within the home


A study of the media portrayal of a defined issue e.g. AIDS, "mugging", child abuse, using content analysis
















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