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Diversity in Family life (note these exercises will take you at least two double lessons)

1. Read and take notes from the Key Trends and questions below and the Introductory PowerPoint
2. Complete the Rapoports Reading and then the interactive Cloze, print and highlight the key points
3. Read page 18 of your revision guides and explain how class, ethnicity and sexuality may affect your experience of family, then complete the Causes of Diversity Diagram
4. Complete the interactive exercises on Divorce from the button bar and print them (there are three of them)
5. Complete the Is the Family in decline Diagram and print it

Key Trends and Key Questions
The numbers of marriages are declining
Single Parent Families are dramatically increasing.
The majority of SPFs are not teenage mothers, but working divorcees.
The majority of single parents are women - why?

The numbers of children born outside marriage (illegitimacy)is increasing.

Divorce rates are increasing. What are the causes? What would be the views of Functionalists, Marxists, Feminists, and the New Right? What might Postmodernists say?

Divorce Rates

(Above) Divorce rates UK: What trends does this graph show?

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