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WALT: What  is the contribution of Marxist theory to our understanding of society today?
WILFs: Can identify, define (E) and deploy (D) key terms and concepts in Marxist theory.... Can describe and explain the Marxist critique of modern capitalist society (C) using example sociological theorists from the A1 and A2 units (B).... Can compare and contrast Marxism to competing theories of society (C-B)... Can evaluate Marxist theory theoretically and in relation to appropriately deployed empirical evidence (A)

Lesson 1 Development
1. Synoptic Starter - Rally Robin all you can remember about Marxism's contribution to our understanding of modern society then Stand and Share
2. Watch the short clip on an introduction to Marxism and record 2 questions that occur to you about its contents
3. Study the Revision PowerPoint individually and the revision links out from this page and add to your starter sheets
4. Quiz Quiz Trade the Key ideas of Marxism
5. Speed Date the following questions:

i) Assess the validity of the Marxist view of the role of education in modern society using evidence, theory and studies

ii) Evaluate the Marxist view of the role of  power  AND the modern state using evidence, theory and studies
iii) Evaluate the Marxist view of class and stratification using evidence, theory and studies
iv) Evaluate the Marxist view of culture and identity compared to other theories
6. Pair Share
i) What are the differences between classical Marxists and Neo Marxists? Give examples in support
ii) What do marxists mean by class consciousness and false consciousness and why hasn't objective class consciousness ever happened?
 Then promenade - how valid and useful is the Marxist interpretation of modern society? - choose - 'quite', 'very' or 'not very' and support with at lease 3 supporting points
7. Stand and Share then Marxist invaders

8. Extension Today's WALT question is a recent AQA theory question - strat planninga nd preparing an essay response to this question - due in next Monday!

Lesson Development
1. Starter: Rally Robin all you can remember about the Marxist view of modern society then Stand and Share
2. Pair Up the Rally Coach the worksheet
3. In a new pair use the Glossary and your notes to find definitions for the following key terms in Marxist thought then construct a MIND MAP to show the connections. Try and link to your knowledge of Marxism when applied to the units you have studied:

Human Nature
Means of Production

Class Struggle
Class consciousness
Labour Theory of Value
Surplus Value

False consciousness
Ideological Power

4. Pass the Parcel with Mind Maps - add, develop, illustrate then return Mind Map to owners
(Revision Idea Considering  putting your definitions on Revision Cards)

5. In a team of 4-5 Create revision resources for:
i) The Marxist view of the family
ii) The Marxist view on the role of education
iii)The Marxist theory of ther State
iv) The Marxist theory of stratification and differentiation
Try and quote empirical evidence for each to support or challenge the Marxist view
6. Paraphrase Passport the following questions:
a) What are the key concepts in Marxism and how are they connected?
b) How convincing is the Marxist interpretation of modern society


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