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WALT: What was it like to be a young person in Nazi Germany?
WILF: Can explain and describe the Nazification of schools (D-C) and assess its impact (B)...... Can compare and contrast the different experiences of boys and girls in the Hitler Youth (C).... understands the motives behind the Nazi focus on youth (D)..... can evaluate the success or otherwise of Nazi policy towards youth (A)

Lesson 1 Development
1. Starter: Quiz Quiz Trade with the Life in Nazi Germany key words
2. Literacy Rush with key words - roam when the teacher calls out a number form groups of that number and make a paragraph using all the key words
3. Watch Clip One and take brief notes on today's WALT - organise your notes into positive points and negative points
4. Stand and Share

5. Study the PPT on schools and add to your lists
6. Promenade your face partner and answer today's WALT with support
7. Stand and Share
8. Complete the Cloze 'Schools in nazi Germany' then agree the 6 main points from the exercise and write them in your books
9. Plenary - Find the Fiction - Individually write down 4 facts and 1 fiction about young people in Nazi germany. try and make your fiction as convincing as possible then rotate the room testing each other

Lesson Development
1. Starter Intro - Rally Robin what was it like to live in Nazi Germany thinking of good points and bad points then share
2. Watch the movie clip - what does it tell us about the Hitler Youth movement?
3. Pair up and Rally Coach the Worksheet and worksheet questions
4. Come back to the middle - in a new pair construct a spider diagram entitled 'What was Hitler's motives for the Hitler Youth movement?'
5. Read and review the PPT on Education in Nazi Germany
6. In your revision twin Rally Coach the questions on the final slide
7. In a new pair rally coach the cloze activity on Schools then print a copy each
8. In a further new pair edit the PowerPoint Task - on completion make sure you have saved a copy each
9. plenary 1 - Try the quizzes
10. plenary 2 - Mix pair share the wilfs
These activities are about Young people in Nazi Germany and cover Nazi policy in education and schools and Nazi Youth movements. The Worksheet will set the scene with an overview of Nazi education policy and Nazi Youth groups . You will then investigate in depth both aspects by completing the cloze activities and by saving and editing the Powerpoint presentation. There are questions set within the Powerpoint that you must answer in your books.
 You should complete the activities in the order they are presented in the button bar.
The Quizzes are for reinforcement - only do them when you have completed all other tasks.

Based on an original presentation by Martin Williams

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