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Young people in Nazi Germany

By Andy Walker

Revision quiz for Year 11 history students from Historygcse.org

1. Who said "whoever has the youth has the future"?


2. Who while Nazi minister for education said "the purpose of education is to create Nazis"


3. The nazis believed that women should play the role of submissive wives and devoted . Girls were therefore prepared for this role

4. The Nazis tried to prepare boys for the role of...




5. From 1933 boys aged 10-14 had to join the......

    Deutsches Jungvolk (DJ) or German Young People

    The Boy scouts

    The Young Hitlerites

6. At the age of 14 all boys joined the Hitler Jugend (HJ) or

7. Who was in charge of all Youth groups in Nazi Germany?

    Adolf Hitler

    Rudolph Hess

    Baldur von Schirach

8. What percentage of German youth were members of the Hitler Youth as early as 1935?





9. On 1 December 1936 the HJ became an official government department of state



10. When was it made compulsory for all German youths to be members of the HJ?


11. The HJ offered a wide range of activities to its members. But some were offended by its emphasis

12. The Youth group for girls was called.....

    Jungmadelbund or League of Young Girls

    the girl guides

    the sisters for Hitler

13. How old were girls when they joined the JM?





14. At 14 all german girls were expected to join the BDM (Bund Deutscher Madel) or

15. Membership of the BDM became compulsory in...





16. At 17 girls were encouraged to join the....

    seas cadets


    sixth form

    Faith and Beauty organisation

17. Which three things were girls trained in in all youth groups?

    reading writing and arithematic

    speaking, listening and organising

    Maths, english and Science

    eugenics, domestic science and preparation for marriage and motherhood

18. Woman were central to Nazi ideology because it was women who could deliver Hitler his master race

19. Which teachers were sacked almost immediately by Bernhard Rust in 1933

    History teachers

    Head Teachers

    jewish teachers

20. All teachers soon had to be members of of the National Socialist Teachers Alliance (NSLB). By 1937 percent were members.

21. The NSLB was responsible for...

    indoctrinating teachers into Nazi ideology

    protecting the rights of teachers

22. Special schools emphasising PE and racial ideology were set up and controlled by the HJ. These were called schools

23. PE, Biology and German were upgraded in Nazi schools



24. The subject of History became a vehicle for Germans about their glorious past

25. Biology became the study of racial stereotypes and the supposed superiority of the race

26. Sport was encouraged to help create fit unthinking soldiers



27. Creative subjects were encouraged by the Nazis



28. Examples in Maths and science textbooks were often used to pass on messages

29. What were elite schools for would be Nazi leaders called?

    Technology Colleges

    grammar schools


30. Who were the Eidleweiss Pirates?

    a group of lazy seafarers

    a group of nazi teachers

    an opposition youth group who grew their hair long attacked the Hitler youth and listened to Jazz