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WALT: How does Functionalism contribute to our understanding of modern society?
WILFs: Can identify and explain key terms (E)..... Can describe and explain Functionalism as a consensus theory (D).... can describe and explain in detail functionalist views of Family, Education, Power and Stratification (C).... Can compare, contrast and evaluate Functionalism against competing theory AND empirical evidence (A*)

Lesson Development
1. Rally Robin everything you can remember of functionalism in sociology then Stand and Share
2. Watch the clip - take notes (especially of key terms), then Paraphrase Passport the key points
3. Use your books, notes and links out from here to revise and add to your Starter sheets

4. Pair Share
a) What are the Similarities and differences between Marxism and Functionalism?
b) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the functionalist theory of society?
c) List and describe as many functionalist studies as you can remember
5. Read and take notes from the PPT with your revision twin
6. Speed date

i) Functionalist view of the family - evaluate how valid is it
ii) Functionalist view of the role of education - argue for and against
iii) Functionalist definition of power and its distribution - contrast with other theories and empirical evidence
iv) Functionalist view of stratification and differentiation -  briefly compare and contrast to other theories and assess against empirical evidence
7. Plenary - key words and Invaders game

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