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WALT: To what extent is what happened in Whitechapel in 1888 explained by the evidence that you have studied?

 (20 marks)

WILFs: Can extract basic relevant information from the sources and the site and describe it (D)....Can describe how the sources and the site helped you understand what happened at whitechapel (C)....can analyse the sources and the site's usefulness and reliability as evidence of what happened (B).... Can make a sustained judgement 'to what extent' by evaluating all the sources drawing comparisons and using other evidence as corroboration (A*)

In other words:  How far do the sources/site help you understand what happened in 1888?
Key questions to address in your answer
How does each source and the site develop your understanding of what happened in 1888 - what do they tell you about what happened?
How useful and reliable were the sources and the site? - what limits their usefulness and reliability?
Can what the sources say be corroborated - if so how?
Remember to answer the question explicitly 'To what extent'? In both your introduction and conclusion - to a great extent, a moderate extent or not very much at all then explain why


Assessing Sources Advice
Use the link below to help you assess usefulness and reliability

Lesson development

1. Starter: Find Someone Who
2. Introduction to Questions 3
3. With your shoulder partner Study the sources Pack - i)What does each source tell you about what happened in Whitechapel in 1888 ii) What aspect of what happened in Whitechapel is each source useful for? iii) How reliable is each source?
4. Stand and Share
5. Study the example answer given to you by your teacher and highlight the points you think are good
6. Assess the answer using the markscheme - give it a level and a mark a www and an ebi
7. Mini Plenary - Pair Share - a)what would a good plan be for Q3?
8. Solo work on own answers

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter - Roaming Review Questions - in teams of 3 spend 3 mins at each location and write down your ideas - activity is over when you are back at your starting point
i) Why did Jack the Ripper choose Whitechapel for the scene of his crimes?
ii) Why did the Police find it so difficult to catch the murderer?
iii) Who were the Ripper victims and how did they die?
iv) What did you learn from the site visit this week?
v) Which theory BEST explains the identity of Jack the Ripper?
vi)What are the strengths and weakness of the film used in Q2 as an interpretation of what happened in Whitechapel in 1888?
vii) What factors affect the reliability and usefulness of evidence for an historian studying the Jack the Ripper case?
viii) What doe the Ripper story tell us about life in Whitechapel in the 1880's?
2. Study the Sources with your shoulder partner. Discuss the following and Rally Coach some notes which answer

i)What does each source tell you about what happened in Whitechapel in 1888
ii) How reliable is each source?

After 10 minutes change partners and share ideas for another 10 minutes

3. Quiz Quiz Trade

4. Individual work on draft answers

4. Plenary: Promenade and discuss the questions - 'What really happened in Whitechapel in 1888... and how can you support your conclusions?' Then Stand and Share

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