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WALT: What were the successes and failures of Louis Philippe's reign 1830-48
WILFs: Can describe the nature of the Orleanist regime (D).... Can compare and contrast foreign and domestic policies (B).... Can evaluate the success of otherwise of Louis Philippe's reign (A)


Lesson Development:
1. Starter - Roaming Review
i) What were the similarities and differences between the constitutions of 1815 and 1830?
ii) Why was there a revolution in France in 1830?
iii) How and why did Louis Philippe emerge as monarch in 1830?
iv) How have different historiansd interpreted the reign of Louis Philippe?
v) Who was more to  blame for the 1830 revolt Louis XVIII or Charles X? Explain
vi) How bourgeios was the Orleanist monarchy?
2. Group Task

Plan the activity below using the group planning sheets. Your team has to teach the topic allocated to the rest of the group. This is NOT just a presentation! Your teaching must be active and engaging. Ask for any resources you may need. Use the 4B's. Use the library.

  lGroup A: Describe the Foreign Policy of Louis Philippe - include the Belgian Revolt, Treaty of London, Guizot and the Entente with Britain, 1846 Spanish marriages and impact on relations with Britain. Evaluate whether LP's foreign policy was successful
lGroup B: Describe the Domestic Policy of Louis Philippe - early rebellions, economic development, different ministeries, (include role of Guizot and laissez faire), education policy, demands for parliamentary reform, rise of socialism and Bonapartism, Reform Banquets - revolt
lEvaluate how succesful Louis Philipe's domestic policy was


Randell Chapter 3

Pilbeam Chapters 5,6,7

Murphy et al  199-208

Cowie and Wolfson 72-86

Extension - France the bourgeois Century Roger Magraw and A History of Modern France Alfred Cobban vol 2

Louis Philippe Essay Questions

  1. Domestic not foreign issues were the causes of the downfall of the Orleanist monarchy in 1848. how far to you agree with this statement
  2. Why did the French welcome Louis Philippe as King in 1830 but reject him in 1848?
  3. The fall of the July monarchy was due more to its own shortcomings than to the strength of its opponents. Discuss this statement
  4. Accidental and unexpected. Discuss this view on the fall of Louis Philipe in 1848
  5. How important was  the rise of  Bonapartism in the fall of the July monarchy in 1848?

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