Opposition and Resistance to the Nazis

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Lesson 1
WALT: Why was Resistance to the Nazis so weak 1933-39?
WILFs: Can identify (D) and explain (C) 5 reasons why there wasn't much opposition to the Nazis 33-39..... can describe the different forms of opposition which did present themselves (C)... can evaluate what BEST explains why there was so little resistance in these years (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter: Pair up then Rally robin a list of reasons in answer to today's WALT. Read pages 76-81 in your textbook to help
Table Stand and Share until we have 5 different reasons
2. Study the PPT on Resistance 1933-39 and add to your lists. Also make a note of different types of opposition/resistance in these years
3. Promenade a new partner and discuss the different types of opposition 1933-39
4. Change partners and now discuss what BEST explains why opposition was so weak between 1933-39
5. Stand and Share x3

Video Intro to Opposition

Lesson 2
WALT: How and why did War change the nature and extent of opposition to the Nazis 1939-45?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the rise of more serious opposition.... including Youth, White Rose, Military Plots, Political etc. (C-B).... Can suggest valid reasons why there wasn't more opposition (B)... Can assess why opposition remain quite weak in a sustained judgement (A)

Lesson Starter:  Read these pages  then using your textbooks to help you complete and print the exercise linked HERE
1. Study the PPT - how did opposition change in the 1940's? Take detailed individual notes on each type of resistance
2. Quiz Quiz Trade
3. Watch the clip of Youth Opposition below. Take notes on how and why Youth opposition intensified in the 1940's
4. Share your notes on your tables


5. With a partner discuss how you would answer the following practice exam questions

6. Now watch the clip on the White Rose Movement - who were they and why and how did they resist?

7. Table Share your notes

Homework -  1. Download the document on resistance to the Nazis in the 1940's. it contains basic notes - extend it as best you can using all that you have learnt today
2. Watch the first half of the clip below on the Stauffenberg Bomb Plot - take detailed notes 

Possible examination questions on this topic include:
1. Who were the main opposition groups?
2. Why was there so little resistance/opposition to the Nazis?
3. Why did opposition increase as the war progressed?
You may also be asked about resistance in a general question on another topic e.g. In the middle of a question on youth or women you may be asked "did all youths/women support the Nazis?"

Complete the following revision tasks to prepare yourself for the exam

Using the Link buttons
1. Take detailed notes on the following opposition groups
Political - communists/SD's
Student - The White Rose Movement
Church opposition
Youth Opposition
Jewish Opposition
Military Resistance

2. Consider why there was so little opposition to the Nazis - prepare revision cards which emphasise the role of terror/fear and how opposition was treated, the "silent majority" and the relative prosperity the Nazis brought
3.Complete the interactive revision materials linked from this page

White Rose

Student Opposition to the Nazis

Christian opposition

extensive notes on Church opposition

Political opposition

Opposition from the Left

Jewish Resistance

How the Jews resisted the Nazis

Jewish Resistance 2

How the Jews resisted the Nazis

Non Jewish Resistance

How Non Jews resisted the Nazis

Military Resistance

All you need to know about the Stauffenberg bomb plot

Red Orchestra

All you need to know about the Red Orchestra

Youth opposition

Interactive Revision Materials

Youth opposition to the Nazis

Exam practice

This question gives you a model answer for why opposition increased as the war progressed!!

Nazi control

Why was there so little opposition to the Nazis?

Project GCSE

Related interactive revision materials from project GCSE

Student Test

Rather difficult test of what you know written by my students!

Resistance Quiz

External revision Quiz


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