Quiz on opposition to Nazi Germany

By Marie, Michelle, Lizzie, Jemma

1. Were the Communists Left Wing or Right Wing?

   Left Wing

   Right Wing

2. What gave Hitler unlimited power?

   Dawes Plan


   Enabling Act

   Locarno Pact

3. When was it passed and who was opposed to it?

   1934 - The White Rose Movement and The National Party

   1933 - Gestapo and SS

   1934 - Social Democrats and Communists

   1933 - Social Democrats and Communists

4. What does Rote Kapelle mean in English?

   Red Apple

   Red Patrol

   Red Kappist

   Red Orchestra

5. What did Rote Kapelle do?

   This group passed information on to the Soviet Union

   This group passed information on to the Gestapo

   They helped spread Hitler's ideas

   This group passed information on to America

6. Who were the Rote Kapelle discovered by?

   The SS

   The Gestapo

   The Abwehr


7. How did the leaders of Rote Kapelle die?

   Shot in the back of the head

   Hung on meat hooks

   Chopped to pieces

   They were burnt at the stake

8. What did Hans and Sophie Scholl lead

   The White Rose Movement

   Blomberg-Fritsch Affair

   Edelweiss Pirates


9. Who arrested Hans and Sophie Scholl in February 1943?





10. What happened in 1938?

   The Night of the Long Knives

   The Blomberg-Fritsch Affair

   The July Plot

   Operation Flash

11. Which was put forward at the Hossbach Conference in 1937?

   Hossbach Memorandum

   Hossbach Report

12. The recovery of German lands and peoples lost at Versaille and Lebensraum in the East were Hitlers foreign policy aims



13. Who did Hitler appoint as Chief of the High Command when potential critics were removed from the Army's High Command?

   General von Fritsch

   General Keital

   General von Brauchitsch

   General Beck

14. When did Operation Flash take place?

   December 1943

   January 1943

   February 1943

   March 1943

15. Who masterminded this attempt to assassinate Hitler?

   Claus von Stauffenberg

   Major General von Treskow

   Karl von Struelpnagel

   Franz Halder

16. Why did this fail?

   The detonator failed to go off

   Hitler spotted the bomb before it was too late

   The assassinator couldn't go through with it

   The bomb fell off the plane

17. Who led the Kreisau Circle?

   Karl von Struelpnagel and Claus von Stauffenberg

   Helmuth von Moltke and Claus von Stauffenberg

   Peter von Wartenberg and Claus von Sauffenberg

   Helmuth von Moltke and Peter von Wartenberg

18. When was their Basic Principles for the New Order drawn up?

   July 1943

   August 1943

   July 1944

   August 1944

19. The Basic Principles for the New Order was a blueprint for a new German State based on democratic values.



20. What was the most serious attempt to assassinate Hitler?

   Operation Kill Fuhrer

   Operation Assassinate Hitler

   Operation Valkyrie

   Operation Deitrich

21. What was to happen if Hitler died?

   The Kreisau Circle was going to take over

   A provisional Government was to take over led by General Beck

   The Weimar Republic was going to take over again

   There would have been a new Kaiser

22. When was the Operation to be carried out?

   20th July 1944

   22nd July 1944

   20th June 1944

   22nd June 1944

23. Who planted the bomb?

   General Beck


   Franz von Papen

   Claus von Stauffenberg

24. What happened to Hitler?

   He was killed

   He was seriously injured

   He escaped with minor injuries

25. Why did it not kill Hitler?

   It was a faulty bomb

   It had been moved from its original place

   He was not in the room

26. How many who were involved were caught?





27. What happened to the people that got caught?

   They were put in prison

   They were arrested but then freed

   They were arrested then executed

28. Why did Blomberg support the Nazi take over?

   He liked Hitler's ideas

   He believed Hitler would strengthen the army

   He was a strong anti-semite

29. What did Christians in general first think of the Nazi Regime?

   It was going to be a complete disaster

   They were prepared to live with it

   They hated and wanted to get rid of it

30. What agreement did the Catholic Church and the Nazi Givernment sign?

   The Concorde

   The Concordat

   The Concorbat

   The Concrete

31. What did the RC Church agree to do?

   To help as much as possible in politics

   To turn a blind eye

   Not get involved in politics

   To interfere and disrupt the Government

32. What did the Nazi Government agree to do?

   Be very violent and attack all churches

   Leave churches alone

   Leave the RC church alone only if they kept to their side of the agreement

   Help churches in times of need

33. When was the agreement broken?





34. What were Protestants who supported Nazis called?


   Nazi Protestants

   True Christians

   German Christians

35. Who was this group led by?

   Adolf Hitler

   Karl Liebknecht

   Ludwig Muller

   Ernst Rohm

36. What group did other Protestants form who were opposed to the Nazi Regime?

   Conversational Church

   Professional Church

   Conventional Church

   Confessional Church

37. Who was this group led by?

   Ludwig Muller

   Martin Niemoller

   Ernst Rohm

   Karl Liebknecht

38. What happened to the leader of this group?

   He was arrested and put in Sachsenhausen concentration camp

   He was arrested and shot

   He was hung

   He was tortured and killed

39. What did the Navajos gang, the Kittelbach Pirates and the Edelweiss Pirates?

   They were a music group

   They highjacked sailing ships

   They wanted to join the Hitler youth

   The beat up the Hitler youth patrols

40. Who were the first victims of the concentration camps?

   political opponents, communists and social democrats



   the mentally ill