Year 9

Britain in 1750

Setting the Scene for the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution Key Words

Key Words Countdown! Great on a IWB as a starter

Domestic System

Sources and interactive lesson on the Domestic System

Causes of Industrial Revolution

Test your knowledge of the causes of the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Interactive lesson from

Working Conditions and Factory Reform

Interactive lesson

Child Labour

Interactive lesson

Protest and Reform

A series of lessons on Protest and Reform by Mrs Strange

Luddites Reading

Background reading on the Luddites


Interactive fill in the blanks on the Luddites

Who were the Luddites?

Interactive lessons from learning curve on the Luddites

Luddites simulation

Try Mr Fleetwood's simulation


Interactive cloze and multiple choice quiz on the Chartists

Votes for Women

A series of 6 online lessons on Votes for Women!


Interactive lesson on the suffragettes

Should Women Get the Vote?

Arguments for and against

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emily Wilding Davison

Emily Wilding Davison

Impact of War on Womens Rights

Interactive Diagram from SchoolHistory

British Empire

The growth and development of the British Empire

Year 9 Revision Lesson

Year 9 Revision lesson

The Indian Mutiny

Full online lesson on the Indian Mutiny

Causes of World War One Lesson

A full interactive lesson on the causes of the First World War


Assassination of Franz Ferdinand linked to  Revision of long term causes

Events of the First World War

flash narrative from schoolshistory!

Trench Warfare

Complete Mr Field's interactive diagram, print it and add it to your assignment

Reality of War

PowerPoint introducing what trench warfare was really like


Learning Curve research material

Somme Battle online

Online Somme Battle simulation

Somme Battle Evaluation

Evaluating the Battle of the Somme

Making Peace

Learning Curve takes you through the decisions made at Versailles

German Reactions to Versailles

Interactive exercises from JohnDClare

Online lesson on the Versailles Treaty

Improve your knowledge of the Versailles Treaty here

Fling the Teacher Peace Treaties

Test your knowledge of the peace treaties

Hitlers Rise to Power

Online lesson on Hitler's Rise to Power

Hitlers Life

The Life and Ideas of Adolf Hitler

Life in Hitlers Germany

What was it like to live in Hitler's Germany?

Hitler Youth

online lesson on Young People in Nazi Germany

Women in Nazi Germany

online lesson on women in Nazi Germany

End of term games

end of term history games

Causes of WW2 crossword

An excellent revision task from Ousedale school

KS3 Home

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