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Life In Hitler's Germany

WALT: What was it like to live in Nazi Germany?
WILFs: can describe what life was like for some social groups (D)..... can describe what life was like for a range of different social groups in some detail (C)..... can evaluate what life was like in Nazi Germany and come to a conclusion (B)

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In this lesson you need to study the pictures carefully. Try and think about what each one tells you about life in Hitler's Germany.
Following class discussion and further reading complete the interactive diagram, then the plenary activity

Lesson Development

  1. Starter.... Vision On .... Draw a picture to show Hitler's Journey from chancellor to Fuhrer... No words allowed... When time is called get up and share and interpret X 4
  2. Watch the clip.. Make notes in answer to today's WALT Q
  3. Stand and Share
  4. Study the pictures on this page .... What else can you add to your lists
  5. Plenary... Promenade your partner....how good was life in nazi germany?

Nazi propaganda poster of the perfect "Aryan" family

Nazi propaganda poster title "Mother and Child"

Jewish pupils in a German school in 1935 being humiliated in front of the class. On the board is written, "The Jews are our greatest enemies! Beware of the Jews!"

Oranienburg concentration camp in 1933 for political prisoners (communists, socialists etc)

a synagogue set on fire by the Nazis 9th Novermber 1938 "Kristallnacht"

Hitler put the unemployed to work building autobahns (motorways) like this one

Victims of Belsen concentration camp

Execution of jews in Nazi occupied Poland

Propanganda poster for the Hitler Youth.
"Youth serves the Fuhrer"

Propaganda poster urging Germans to "buy german goods"

"One people, one empire, one fuhrer"

"determined to fight certain of victory"

Nuremmberg rally

Berlin Olympics 1936

Roland Freisler head of the Peoples Court - set up to sentence opponents of Hitler and the Nazis

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