Life in Nazi Germany Plenary

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Once in power Hitler made himself absolute very quickly. The Law gave him the power to make any law he chose and all other political parties and trade unions were banned.
A secret police force (the ) was set up and was used to round up all suspected opponents of the regime. Suspects would be interrogated and tortured at Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin and then transferred to camps. The idea behind the first concentration camps was to serve as "correction centres" for Nazi enemies.

Political Prisoners at Oranienburg Concentration Camp

The Nazis took over all stations and all newspapers. They also took over what was taught in . They now controlled all information. Schools were ordered to "teach" the Nazi version of and to teach anti-Semitism.
Jews were across Germany. At first persecution involved boycotts of Jewish and businesses, later as the Nazis grew in confidence the persecution grew in intensity. On November 9th 1938 the first state sanctioned mass attack on Jews occurred on "" (the nigh of broken glass). The SS and SA smashed up Jewish businesses and shops and were set alight. In 1942 the Nazis organised the "Final of the Jewish Question" at attempt to murder the 11 million Jews of central Europe. By 1945 6 Jews had been murdered by the Nazis in extermination camps.

Hitler solved many of Germany's economic problems by putting the unemployed to work building (autobahns) and public buildings. The army, navy and air force were built up very quickly (which also reduced unemployment and broke the terms of the Treaty). The Nazis aimed to make Germany self sufficient and encourage Germans only to buy goods. A self sufficient economy is called an autarky.

Hitler and the Nazis had very definite ideas as to what should do in society. According to Hitler "Aryan" women were to be encouraged to breed the master . Women were driven out of the workplace and rewarded with for bearing "Aryan" children.