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WALT: How successful was Stresemann in solving the problems of Weimar 1924-29?
WILFs: Can describe and explain problems and solutions (C)
Can assess how successful Stresemman was in a supported judgment (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter - watch the film clip - who was Stresemann and what did he achieve?

2. Promenade your face partner and discuss your notes
3. Stand and Share
4. Now with your shoulder partner read the Decisions PPT and the presentation embedded below and pages 23-5 of your texts. Use your notes to try and complete both sides of the Rally Coach

5. Quiz Quiz Trade (Q's from Mr Walker)
6. Now with your shoulder partner Rally Coach and  complete the Quizzes with Reading
7..Pass the Fact - what have you learnt about Stresemann so far

8. On your table discuss how you would answer the Q on page 26 of your books - you have fifteen minutes to plan
9. Now write individual answers in exam conditions
11. Swap with your shoulder partner and peer assess using the guidance on page 26. Give your friend a www and an ebi

Homework - Complete and print the interactive diagram and stick in your books

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