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WALT: What does interactionism contribute to our understanding of modern society?
WILFs: Can describe and explain (C) the similarities and differences between structural and action theories... Can briefly describe the types of interactionism including social action theory, Symbolic Interactionism and Phenomenology (C)...Can describe and explain the methods favoured by interactionist approaches (C-B).... Can recall and deploy specific examples of social action theory synoptically from Families, education, health etc... (C-B).... Can evaluate the contribution of interactionism to our understanding of modern society (A)

Lesson Development

1.Think back over all your units studies in Sociology - how would you answer today's WALT?

2. Quiz Quiz Trade
3. Study the PPT on interactionist theory and take notes. Rally robin the 7 main points from the PPT
4. In a new pair Research the examples given on the last slide - prepare at least 2 detailed paragraphs on each
4. Study the PPT on methods favoured by interactionists and take notes
5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of methods favoured by interactionsists?

6. Plenary: Paraphrase passport the WALT Q

Assess the contribution of interactionist theory to our understanding of society today

Go to AQA Markscheme (page 16)

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