Florence Nightingale and Nursing

WALT: Who was Florence Nightingale and what did she contribute to the history of medicine?

WILFs: Can narrate a short biography of the life of Florence Nightingale (D).... Can identify and describe and explain motives and causes of Florence Nightingale's work (C)... Can describe and explain the work and important of Florence Nightingale (B)... Can evaluate the significance of Florence Nightingale to the history of medicine (A)

Lesson Development
1. Watch the clip and make notes on today's WALT
2. Promenade your face partner to discuss what you have learnt
3. Stand and Share
4. Take you shoulder partner to a computer - investigate this PPT to develop your knowledge further - how did Nightingale and other women improve nursing in the 19th century?

5. Promenade a new partner and share what you have learnt
6. Mini Plenary Mix pair Share - a) What were the main and important events in Florence Nightingale's life? b) What did Florence Nightingale achieve for the history of medicine
7. With your shoulder partners read the sources and attempt the Rally Coach
8. Plenary Paraphrase passport today's WALT
8. Homework - watch the Florence Nightingale movie linked below


Don't forget to use your textbooks and reading books too

Nightingale Sources Rally Coach
Factors Diagram
Sources Exercise from Spartacus
Test Your knowledge here!

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter - Find Someone Who or Roaming Review
2. Now take your shoulder partner to a computer and complete the FACTORs diagram on Florence Nightingale and print
3. Form 2 circles of 12 Paraphrase passport 'Who was Florence Nightingale and how important was she to the history of nursing?'

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