Why do Kagan?

WALT: Why Kagan?
WILFs: Is familiar with at least 6 kagan structures and when best to apply them.... can explain the benefits of active learning

1. Starter: Why Kagan?
 Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and discuss today's WALT
Share 3 Good reasons
2. Split into 2 groups
Group 1: Cathy and Dominique - Quiz Quiz Trade and Fan N Pick Group
2 Steve and Nicola - Talking Chips and All Write Round Robin
You will get 5 minutes at both then switch groups
3. Stand and Share with Mel and Roger -
 In your table groups Round Table your answers to the question 'What are our next steps to outstanding?' then Table Stand and Share using random name generator
Then Mel - Using the random name generator to enhance literacy

4. TLC members will write up their Guide using this template

Click here for larger version


More Kagan Structures
Top 6 Structures
Kagan by Kagan

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