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WALT: Why did Napoleon III come to power and what sort of regime did he set up?
WILFs: Can list (E) and describe (D) causes of Napoleon's rise to power... Can evaluate (A) causes of Napoleon's rise to power..... Can offer different interpretations (A) of Napoleon's rise to power.... can describe and explain (D) the kind of regime set up by Napoleon in the 1850's

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Lesson 1 Development

1. Starter Connect the learning - Find Somene Who

2. Stand Up hand Up pair Up and  Rally robin causes of Louis Napoleon's rise to power first as president and then as Emperor

3. Stand and Share reasons/causes

4. Complete a Diamond 9 Diagram of causes with your Study Buddy

3. Investigate PPT embedded below and take notes on domestic reforms

4. Plenary: Paraphrase passport today's WALT

  Lesson 2

WALTs: What best explains Napoleon III's rise to power? What was it like to live in Napoleon's France in the 1850's? How did the Empire change in the 1860's?
WILFs: Can describe (D), explain (C) and evaluate (A) the causes of Napoleon's rise to power....Can describe and explain (C) Napoleon's constitutional changes on becoming President then Emperor and his domestic reforms in the 1850's.... Can assess the success or otherwise of Napoleons's domestic reforms in the 1850's coming to a conclusion which is supported by appropriately selected evidence (A).... Can describe and explain the key features of the 'Liberal Empire' in the 1860's (C)... shows understanding how Napoleon's motives for the 'Liberal Empire' have been interpreted differently (B)... Can evaluate how liberal was the liberal empire coming to a conclusion which is supported by appropriately selected evidence (A)

Lesson 2 Development

1. Starter :ALLWriteConsensus and connect the learning OR Rally Robin causes of Napoleon's Rise then Stand and Share

2. Roaming review evaluative questions on Napoleon's rise to power

a)Who was more important in helping Napoleon achieve power - the peasants, the church or the elites?

b)How much credit should Napoleon himself get for his own rise to power?

c)How might a revisionist historian explain Napoleon's rise to power?

d)How convincing is the Marxist interpretation of Napoleon's rise to power?

e)How important were the June Days in Napoleon's rise to power?

f)What BEST explains Napoleon's rise to power?

g)To what extent did france need a strong leader like Napoleon in 1848? Explain

3. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and promenade your partner and discuss 'what evidence is there that Napoleon had set up a dictatorship by 1852'?

4. Stand and Share

5. With your Study Buddy Rally Robin the successes and failures of Napoleon's domestic policy in the 1850's - both write a list

6. Pair Up and  Rally Coach a Post IT Diagram for Napoleon III's early domestic policy using the template below  and print

7. Return to your your Revision Twin and Compare Post It Diagrams... annotate if necessary

8.  Using your notes and the reading given to you and in a new pair Create a Revision MInd Map called: Napoleon's France in the 1850's ... include:

How dictatorial was the new constitution?

How did Napoleon become Emperor?

How repressive was Napoleon's system? How did he control speech and opinion?

Who were his Ministers?

What were relations like with the Church?

How did Napoleon solve unemployment?

How were communications improved?

What were the reforms of the banking system?

What was Napoleon's agriculture policy?

Who benefitted most from Napoleon's reforms?

9. Pass the parcel with the Mind maps X3 add, expand, annotate, improve

10. Jot Thoughts and Cover the Table - 'how successful was Napoleon III's domestic policy in the 1850's?'

11. Examine the PPT on the Liberal Empire. Rally Robin: In what ways did Napoleon III's domestic policy become more liberal in the second half of his reign??

9. Stand and Share

10 Plenary: Roaming Revision

a) What best explains why Napoleon III had become Emperor by 1852?

b) What was it like to live in France in the 1850's?

c) What were the key features of the 'Liberal Empire'?

d) How Liberal was the liberal empire?

e) In your opinion what motivated Napoleon III to liberalise the Empire in the 1860's?

f) Would you have been s supporter of Napoleon III? Explain your answer?


Lesson 3 Development
1. 'All Write Rally Robin' Napoleon III's domestic policy - key changes, policies, achievements early and late period

2. Bring your notes to your groups and now in 4's Round Table your allocated question then swap groups when time is called

Leave the round Table documents in the middle of the class for class reference

3. Mix and Pair Up to create a poster for display with shows:

a) Depth K and U of Napoleon's Domestic Policy
b) Contains 2 evaluations - how successful and how liberal was Napoleon III's domestic policy
Reading - Randell, Magraw and the photocopies given to you

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