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WALT: What best explains why the French Revolution broke out in 1789?
WILF : Can list and describe some causes (D), can provide an explanation of causes how how they combined (C),  Can produce a supported judgement as to the most important cause(s) backed up with evidence and argument (A)

Lesson Development
1. Mix Up then Write Rally Robin the Causes PPT (15 mins)
2. In groups Jot Thoughts - why did the French revolution break out in 1789? Aim to cover the table!
3. Swap groups - what can you add - start to categorise causes into long term, short term, social, political, economic
4. Pair up again and complete a Diamond 9 diagram of causes

Lesson 2 Development
1. Jot thoughts the causes with explanations of the French Revolution - one stray when instructed
2. Sort the causes into i) Marxist argumnts ii) Revisionist arguments
3. As a group complete All Write consensus then mark your Revision twins work with www and ebi
4. Finally Pair Up and Rally Coach the Writing Frame - print then go back to your Revision Twin and compare ideas

Lesson 3 Development
1. Starter : With a partner Rally Robin the causes of the French Revolution without referring to notes and produce a list
2. Stand and Share lists
3. Solo work - down load a writing frame - you now have 35 minutes to use the frame to produce your best answer to the question
4. Swap answers with Study Buddy and mark using today's WILFS - www and ebi work and feedback
5. Private Study on coursework
6. Plenary - shootout quiz
Lesson 4 Development
1. Starter : Promenade your study buddy - what 3 causes BEST explain the French Revolution
2. Stand and share
3. Find Some One Who
4. Private study on coursework
5. Plenary - in 2 groups make Quiz Quiz Trade cards on
i)The long term causes
ii)The short term causes
6. Quiz quiz Trade then Toby

The innovations room challenge ... In groups create a teaching resource to show on your tv monitor which includes

  1. A summary of the causes of the French revolution including an evaluation of the importance of different causes ( use the links and your knowledge)
  2. A description of Marxist and revisionist interpretations of the French Revolution citing examples ( use the links and your knowledge)
  3. An evaluation of the sources you have used in this activity

You can use the iPads and any app already installed. You cannot download your own apps but please recommend your ideas to Mr Walker for new apps for learning. Time allocated 3 prep periods and 1 to show results.

Lesson 5 Development

1. Starter - Vision On - Draw a picture to show all the causes of the French revolution you have learnt so far (NO WORDS) - then see if you Study Buddy can spot the causes

2. All Write Consensus

3. Roaming review with a new partner

a) What was the Ancien Regime and how and why was in outdated by 1789?

b) Why were the middle class and peasantry angry in 1789?

c) Why did France go bankrupt in 1789?

d) How far was a series of weak monarchs responsible for the French Revolution?

e) How important was the influence of the Enlightenment as a cause of the French Revolution?

4. Coursework private study

5. Plenary - All Write Consensus or Paraphrase Passport

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

Advanced Reading
Ancien Regime: "Europe Privilege and Protest" Olwen Hufton part III Chapter X France of the Old Regime pages 299-348
Enlightenment: "European History 1500-1700" Chapter 12 'The Enlightenment' Hampson and Lively
                       "Europe Privilege and Protest" Olwen Hufton part I Chapter III The World of Ideas pages 70-93
General Long Term Causes (especially role of monarchy + bankruptcy): "A History of France" Lucien Romier pages 272-313


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