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WALT: Why were the Bourbons restored in 1814 and why had they failed by 1830?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the circumstances and context of the bourbon restoration (C)..... Can list and explain reasons why the Bourbons failed (B).... Can evaluate what BEST explains the failure of the Bourbons in 1830 (A*)


Lesson 1 Development
1. Study the PPT
2. Promenade - discuss today's WALT
3. Stand and Share
4. Complete the Note share activity then share notes
5. With Study Buddy Rally Robin the main reasons the Bourbons failed
6. Plenary: Stand and Share

Group A: Why and how were the Bourbons restored in 1814 and 1815 - focus on the context of the Bourbon Restorations 1814 and 1815 and the rule of Louis XVIII. To what extent was Louis XVIII a success?
Group B: Why and how did the Bourbon Restoration fail - focus on the reign of Charlex X and the revolution of 1830. Have far was Charles to blame for the failure of the Bourbon Restoration or was failure inevitable?

Task - You are to research and then teach these objectives to the rest of the group by creating some electronic resources to be stored and shared on the VLE. You are tring to get both the key narrative (story) across and the causes, and also show some ability to evaluate.

You can use any software you like to complete these tasks including games, quizzes, PPTs, posters in Word, interactive diagrams, Crosswords, Cloze exercises etc + any of the applications which come with the VLE. Try and discuss and decide amongst your group which would be most appropriate.

Make sure your resources are placed on the A Level History section of the VLE where I have created a folder called The Bourbons 


Web Links

France in Revolution  Sally Waller pages 126-137

European History 1815-1890 Cowie and Wolfson - pages 54-67
France Monarchy Republic and Empire Keith Randell Chapter 2

Advanced Reading (Library)

France The Bourgeois Century Roger Magraw pages 35-50

A History of France Lucien Romier pages 373-382

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