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Online Lesson on Egyptian Medicine
WALT: Why was the Egyptian medicine better than prehistoric medicine?
WILFs: Can describe the Egyptian way of life (the Factors of Change) (D-C)
Can explain how Ancient Egyptian Factors of Change caused progress in knowledge of medicine (B-A)
Can describe some Egyptian approaches to disease and medicine (D-C)
Can assess how much progress had been made between prehistoric and Ancient Egyptian times (B-A)

Lesson Development
Starter: Watch the clip - and take notes on today's WALT
Stand and Share

1. Using the text books and your notes in pairs Rally Robin how the Egyptians lived and what they knew about medicine

2. Stand and Share
3. Mix Up and complete the Cloze exercise on Ancient Egyptian medicine and print one for both of you
4. Mix up again and now complete the Interactive Diagram on Ancient Egypt and print

5. Go Back to your normal table on the seating Plan and create a poster diagram called 'Factors of Change in Ancient Egypt'. Make sure you include the following factors and explain what they were like in Egyptian times. Illustrate your diagrams:
a) Government
b) Religion
c) Technology
d) Education
e) Communications
f) Individuals
g) Economy
6. Somewhere on your diagram write a paragraph explaining how medicine improved in Egyptian times and why you think this happened

7. Form a large circle - paraphrase passport what you have learnt about Egyptians and Egyptian medicine

The Ancient Egyptians were very religious.
They believed in the afterlife, and this led to them mummifying bodies. As a result of this they learnt more about anatomy
The Egyptians developed writing.
This enabled them to record their ideas and medical successes.
Famous Egyptian books include the Papyrus Ebers and the Papyrus Edwin Smith.
Religious belief meant that Egyptians were very clean, so disease wouldn't spread rapidly.
They treated diseases with herbs and drugs. Not to tackle the disease though, they thought the drugs drove out evil spirits.
The Egyptians were able to remove cists and abscesses.
Although they had developed knowledge of anatomy, they couldn't dissect which meant that surgical skills developed: but not as far as they may have done.
The Egyptians started to use natural, practical cures for illness.
They were the first civilisation to write down medical procedures.
Egyptians continued to believe that disease was sent by the Gods.
They continued to use Supernatural cures for many ailments

WALT: How and why was Egyptian medicine better than Prehistoric medicine?
WILFs: Can compare/contrast Prehistoric and Egyptian medicine (C)..... Can describe and explain FACTORS of change in Ancient Egypt (C)....... Can evaluate WHy Egyptian medicine was better than prehistoric medicine using FACTORS (A)

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter - Vision On..... Draw a picture - no words no numbers to show what you know about today's WALT already. Share with a partner and let your partner guess what you picture represents (COACH don't TELL) then change roles 4X
2. Take detailed rough notes on the clip immediately below this text
3. Promenade your shoulder partner and share notes
4. Mix Pair Share - change partner for each Question
a) List the ways in which Egyptian ideas about medicine were better than prehistoric ideas
b) Explain how Religion hindered prehistoric medicine but helped Egyptian medicine
c) Explain how factors combined to improve Egyptian medicine

5. Take your face partner to a computer and complete the Interactive diagram in your own words using today's notes and learning
6. With the same partner Rally Coach the Worksheet
7. Plenary: Write one quiz quiz trade card about Prehistoric or Egyptian medicine with the answer on the back then play QUIZ QUIZ Trade

I want my mummy

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