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1. Use the Sportsacademy Link to research answers to the questions posted below on this page. You may find it easier to copy the questions into a Word document first.
2.Write up your answers in Word and print
3. Complete the Crossword on Diet and print when all correct
4. Complete the Fill in the Blanks on Diet and print when all correct


1. How many players are there on a hockey team?

2. How does the game start?

3. How long does a match last?

4. You can only play the ball with which side of the stick?

5. You can only score a goal from where?

6. What can goal keepers do that other players can not?

7. Name three pieces of protective clothing used by goal keepers.

8. How long is a hockey pitch?


Go to the Skill Section for a description and demonstration of different hockey skills. Click on each stage for an explanation. Write a paragraph on each of the following. (Do this carefully and you can use this section for you analysis for the improvement of performance section later in the course)

1. Choose either a hit, push or flick, describe each of the stages needed to perform the skill successfully.

2. Describe how to do an Indian dribble.

3. Read the information on the jab and block tackle. Describe the difference between each one.
What an athlete!

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