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A Level Health and Social Care: Unit 7
Unit Specification
Key Words Countdown
Unit 7 Teacher Invaders
Organisation of Health Services
Structure of the NHS
Disability and the Law
Children and the Mentally Ill
Organisational Responsibilities/Redress
Care Planning Lesson 1
Care Planning Lesson 2
Care Values
Quality Assurance
Exam Practice
Revision Tips
Health and Social Home

Welcome to the Unit 7 Support Pages: Meeting Needs

These pages are designed to support A level Health and Social Care students through examined unit 7
Many more resources and activities will be coming soon

Key Study Areas:
1. How health and social care services are organised.
2. Changes in law affecting health care provision in the last 20 years.
3. The use of care plans by health care professionals.
4. The factors which affect health care professionals in their work.
5. The ways in which health care provision is monitored and regulated.


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