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WALT: Is Sociology a Science?
WILFs: Can define and deploy key terms including Science, positivism, inductive, deductive, objectivity, subjectivity, multivariate analysis, falsification, representativeness (D-C)...... can explain how different perspectives view the question 'is sociology a science?' (C).... can describe and explain methods favoured by positivists and explain why and the strengths and weakness of positivist methodology (C-B)..... Can give a detailed assessment of todays WALT question showing both balance and evaluation (A)
Lesson Development
1.Read the presentation below and/or download it from the button bar to the left. Rally robin the 8 most important points then Stand and Share.
2. Rally Coach the Cloze exercise and print

3. Study the Science, Sociology and Methodology .. Rally Coach the Review questions on slide 10
4. In groups of 4 create revision materials for display or share on the tasks on slides 11 and 12
5. Round Table a plan for the exam practice question on slide 13
6. Plenary: Mix pair Share the wilfs

7. Extension: Print the Reading and highlight key points

Cover Lesson 19/3/2012
Prepare an answer for the following essay question:
Assess the view that positivist methods are inappropriate for sociological research (33)
Mark scheme for guidance

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