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The Association of Teachers' Websites (ATW) is an organisation that attempts to showcase the huge range of quality online teaching materials available free in the UK at websites created by and run by teachers. It will also offer a powerful collective voice for teachers on the internet and will help develop and encourage best practice in the classroom.

Website owners can apply to become a member as long as they fulfil the following criteria and are voted on by a majority of the member sites in the relevant curriculum area: (i) They supply high quality teaching resources and materials; (ii) They are built and maintained by teachers or ex-teachers; (iii) They are free to use; (iv) They are comprehensive and user friendly.

On 8/12/08 it was discovered that the original ATW web page  had been edited to advantage two commercial websites without consultation. This site is an attempt to rightfully restore all the ATW sites. If you feel you have been left out click the contact button and send us a message

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What can the ATW offer you?

60+ approved sites covering all curriculum areas and key stages

18,000+ educational resources

6000+ photocopiable teaching materials

6000+ online teaching resources

All this, completely FREE

Read the original list of ATW sites: Print and share the ATW flyer!

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