Women in Medicine

PowerPoint Introduction Women in Medicine

WALT: What was the contribution of women in the history of medicine through time?
WILFs: Can explain why women don't appear much in the history of medicine (D)..... Can explain the role of women in the Ancient World and in Medieval Europe and Islamic civilisations giving examples (C-B)... Can evaluate the significance of women in the history of medicine using the 4Rs

Lesson Development
1. Starter - with your shoulder partner make a list of famous men and famous women in history
2. Why is one list so much longer than the other?
3. Study the PPT and take notes then use your textbook to research famous women in the history of medicine
4. Promenade your face partner - discuss how different women contributed to the history of medicine through time - who was the most important and why?
5. Now watch the clip on Elizabeth Garret Anderson - what did she achieve and what opposition did she face
6. Promenade your partner - how significant was Elizabeth Garret Anderson in the history of medicine?
7. Stand and Share
8. Use the links on this page to further research the contribution of some famous women in the History of Medicine.

9. Then complete the interactive diagram. Then complete the three worksheets in your books

Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3

Trotula of Salerno
Elizabeth Garrett
Elizabeth Blackwell
BBC Bitesize
Sophia Jex-Blake

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