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WALTs: What does the A Level involve? What is socialisation and how important is socialisation to understanding society today?
WILFs: Understands the key elements and structure of the A Level.... Can define and deploy key terms including socialisation, culture, norms, values etc. (D)... Can discuss and debate sociological debates linked to the concept of socialisation (A)

An introduction to the course and key concepts

Lesson Development
1. Course outline - then Pair Up and Rally Robin Questions about the course and its structure
2. Study the PPT on socialisation, take notes then try the key words game
3. Roaming discussion - in pairs
a) What is the purpose of education?
b) Are gender roles biologically determined or socially constructed?
c) Should young people care about politics and what could be done to make them more interested?
d) Are criminals evil or are they just products of their upbringing and environment?
e) Are people on benefits lazy or victims of a system that has failed them?
f) To what extent do we live in a society which rewards hard work and achievement?
g) Is divorce damaging to society and why is it rising so much?

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