Sociology of Education Quiz

By Andy Walker

A revision test for A1 sociology students.

1. What schools were in the Tripartite System?

private, special, public



Grammar, technical, secondary modern

2. Name of three Marxist Sociologists of education



Karl Marx

Young and Wilmott

3. Bernstein establishedd there were 2 types of linguistic code, they were

cockney and posh code

elaborate and restricted code

Upper class and Lower class code

Eloquent code and Repeated code

4. Who were the two sociologists who studied the self-fulfilling prophecy theory?

Rosenthal and Jacobson

Glass and Bottle

Althusser and Rogers

Gillborn and Gipps

5. What type of school charges fees?

grammar school

State school

private school

Comprehensive school

6. What teaches students to accept authority and hierarchy?

The National curriculum

The curriculum

The hidden curriculum

The syllabus

7. What is streaming?

Where your put students into a form for all subjects according to ability

Put students into individual subjects according to ability

A class of mixed abilities

Put students into a class according to gender

8. What is setting?

Put students into individual groups according to ability

Put students into a form for all subjects according to ability

Put students into a group according to ethnicity

Put students into a group according to gender

9. What did the 1988 Education Act introduce?

Shifted power away from teachers

Gave children the right to do what they want

Gave teachers more power

national testing

10. What ages did the 1988 Act set up tests for?





11. What does LMS stand for?

Local Management of Schools

Local Merry Schools

Lost Management Structure

Lifelong Moaning Staff

12. What did LMS do to schools?

They gave budget responsibilities to head teachers

Allowed the teachers to steal money from the school budget

Allowed schools to stay open an extra hour

Gave students their own laptops

13. What is primary socialization?

Where parents teach their children norms and values

Where owners train their pets

Where you go outside for the first time

When you make a friend

14. Marxism is a:

Unusual theory

interactionist theory

Sensitive theory

conflict theory

15. What does CTC stand for?

Crazy teachers centre

Central textile colleges

Control technical centres

City technology college

16. What is a vocational subject?

a subject which isn't related to a specific job

a subject in which you don't have to do anything

Where you study a subject that is related to a specific job

Maths, English or science

17. According to J.W.B. Douglas's study which of the following classes are deprived of parental support?

Working class

Middle class

petit borgeoisie


18. What doe DfEE stand for?

Die for Energy and Electricity

Department for education and employment

Decisions for Education and Employment

Dried food energy and electricity

19. Who carried out a study on ethnicity in schools?

Celia Wright

Ian Wright

George Murdock

Cecil Wright

20. Who suggested that black people were over represented in special needs?


Tom and Jerry

Tom Linson

Trish Burleigh

21. Which ethnic groups do much worse at school than others?

white girls

Asian girls

Pakistani and Bangladeshi males

22. Who believes that the way a teacher interacts with a pupil affects the pupils education?

Interactionalists - such as Rosenthar, Jacobson, Keddie

Functionalists - such as Rosenthar, Jacobson, Keddie

Marxists - such as Rosenthar, Jacobson, Keddie

Feminists - such as Rosenthar, Jacobson, Keddie

23. Who said black people who do badly at school do so because they are socially deprived?

K. Painter

L. Letley

J.W.B. Douglas

Kirk Ridgewell

24. What does Durkheim believe the role od education is?

To teach norms and values and create social cohesion

To teach english maths and science

To teach people to be submissive to authority

To ensure people get the right jobs

25. What do Davis and Moore believe the role of education is?

To teach art drama and music

To ensure the right people get the right jobs

To teach norms and values

To provide jobs for teachers

26. Which interactionalists invented the labeling theory?

Timberlake and Speares

Davis and Moore

Posh and Beckam

Becker and Rist

27. Which of these personalities are more likely to succeed in education

intelligent but easily distracted

intelligent and attentive

noisy and disrupted

polite and quiet

28. At GCSE level which of these groups tend to better?

boys in mixed schools

boys on their own

girls on their own

girls and boys together

29. When was the National Curriculum introduced?





30. Who was the first sociologist to produce a Marxist theory?

Karl Marx

J.W.B. Douglas

Doug Willis

Kangaroo Karl

31. Is the Marxist approach a:

contemptuous theory

concensus theory

conflict theory

crocodile theory

32. What is material deprivation?

Running out of material

Lack of money for books, clothes, food

A charity for deprived material

lack of support from home

33. What is ment by the term meritocracy?

people achieving via merit

people achieving via accident of birth

people achieving because of who they know

34. In 1944 there was an act set up which stated that every child would receive a secondary education what was this act called?

The Waiter Act

The Waitress Act

The Butler Act

The Maid Act

35. Which one of these is not a core subject within the National Curriculum?



Modern Languages