Renaissance Medicine

By Andy Walker

A revision test from

1. What does the word Renaissance literally mean?





2. Which city was captured by Islam in 1453 resulting in Christian scholars fleeing to Renaissance Italy?

   London, England

   Constantinople, Byzantium

   Coventry, West Midlands

   Rome, Italy

3. Why did communications improve so much during the Renaissance?

   because people started to talk to other people more freely

   because the Church became less important

   because there were fewer obstacles to dialogue

   because Gutenburg invented the printing press in 1453

4. Which group of people started to question the authority of the Roman Catholic Church?

   the protestants

   the publicans

   the providence

   the taliban

5. who wrote the book "the Fabric of the Human Body" which corrected many of Galen's mistakes on human anatomy?

   Hippocrates 1543

   Jenner 1543

   Andreas Vesalius 1543

   Pasteur 1543

6. What is venesection?

   the practice of bleeding patients

   the practice of purging patients

7. At which University did Vesalius become professor of anatomy and when?

   University of Essex 1537

   University of Smethick 1537

   University of Greenwich 1537

   University of Padua 1537

8. whose drawings helped the development of anatomy?

   Leonardo Da Vinci

   Leonardo Acropolis

   Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

9. I discovered about the circulation of the blood. Who am I?

   William Hallstead

   William Harvey

   William of Normandy

   Just William

10. I am the son of a barber surgeon, born in France. i was a military surgeon who discovered new methods of treating gunshot wounds, who am I

   Claudius Galen

   Louis Pasteur

   Edward Jenner

   Ambroise Pare

11. When was William Harvey born?





12. When are the approximate dates for the period in history known as the Renaissance?

   1500-1700 AD

   1500-1700 BC

   1100-1500 AD

   100-1500 BC

13. I am an English doctor, people called me the "English Hippocrates", I was the first doctor to describe scarlet fever, who am I?

   Thomas the tank engine

   Thomas Brown

   Thomas Smith

   Thomas Sydenham

14. What is another name for the Renaissance period in history

   the prehistoric period

   the early modern period

   the medieval period

   the modern period

15. I was the first protestant who started people questioning the Roman Catholic Church, who am I?

   Mark Twain

   Henry VIII


   Martin Luther