Revsion Quiz on Prehistory and Prehistoric medicine

By Andy Walker

revision quiz from

1. What was trephinning?

   an aboriginal art form

   a prehistoric cooking utensil

   a primitive method of surgery thought to be intended to release evil spirits

   a chant performed by a medicine man

2. what does "prehistory" actually mean?

   before written history

   after the development of writing

   before human beings

   a very long time ago

3. What roughly are the dates of prehistoric times?

   1500 - 1700 A.D

   1939 - 1945 A.D.

   400 B.C. - 400 A.D.

   10,000 B.C -3,000 B.C.

4. Which Australian tribal people up until recently practiced a "prehistoric way of life"?


   the Maoris

   the aboriginies

5. What word describes people who do not live in settled communities





6. How can we tell people lived on after trephinning?

   archaelogical evidence shows bone growth over the initial hole

   aboriginies have told us

   there are written records

7. Who in the tribe had closest contact with the spirit world and used chants and charms for healing purposes?

   the village elders

   The Michelin man

   The Medicine Man

8. What was a clay or mud caste used to heal?


   a headache caused by trephinning

   a broken limb

9. Which commonly used drug for malaria was first used by prehistoric peoples?