Public Health/Industrial Revolution

This page is designed to help you research and revise public health in the Industrial Revolution. In order to be prepared for the exam you will need to be able to answer in detail the following questions

1. Why was public health so bad during the Industrial Revolution?
2. What were the causes and consequences of the cholera and typhoid epidemics?

3. How did cholera and typhoid effect Kent?
4.Which individuals were important in bringing about change Thomas Crapper, Edwin Chadwick and John Snow

5. What factors were important in the late Nineteenth century encouraging progress

Research Links


Use the external links below for research
The try the interactive stuff at the bottom of the page

BBC site on why public health was so poor with some introductory info on John Snow

Laissez Faire

The government's attitude didn't help!

Cholera in Kent

A local case study - Complete the activities at the bottom of this page

Typhoid in Kent

Another local case study - Complete the activities at the bottom of this page

Who was Thomas Crapper?

Great name, great invention. Where would you be without it?

The real Thomas Crapper?

historical toilet controversy!

Edwin Chadwick

BBC on Chadwick

Bitesize on Chadwick

Useful overview of Public Health Acts here

John Snow

Interactive and Extension

Not the one who reads the news!

Mrs Stranges Test

Think you know it all? Prove it in Mrs Strange's test!

Disease, cholera and Public Health

Interactive lesson on role of cholera in the end of "Laissez-faire"

Mr Walkers Cloze Test

Interactive fill in the blanks

Why change occurred?

An interactive diagram on why change occurred in the late 19th century


Think you've finished everything? - do some background research on your next topic

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