Medieval Medicine:Western Europe Quiz

By Andy Walker

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1. What name is given to the period 410-1100AD, a significant period of regress in the history of medicine?

   The Rennaissance

   The Middle period

   The Dark Ages

   The Light Ages

2. Which church was dominant in western europe 500-1500AD?

   The Protestant church

   The Baptist church

   The Methodist church

   The Roman Catholic Church

3. Who banned dissection in 1300AD stopping much medical progress dead in its tracks?

   The Pope

   The King

   The Archbishop of Canterbury

4. Which organisation took over education in the Middle Ages?

   The Ministry for education

   The Roman Catholic church

   The government

5. Where did the Church teach that disease came from?

   from evil spirits

   from germs and microbes

   as a punishment from God

6. What happened to Roman public health systems?

   they were maintained and flourished

   they went in decline because of weak government, poor education and lack of money

7. Whose medical ideas did the church support?





8. What was the "divine right of kings"?

   the right for the King to have a special pew in church

   The belief that monrachs were chosen by God and had special religious powers, the people had a religious duty to obey them

9. Why was the church against dissection?

   because they believed it would prevent a person ascending to heaven

   they didn't think it would help much

10. Studying the urine, bloodletting and the use of leeches were all medieval treatments based on whose ancient theory?





11. what deadly plague engulfed Europe wiping out one third of the population in the 1340's?

   The Black Death

   The Black plague

   The Black Adder

12. I am a herbalist who used to treat the peasants when they were ill in medieval villages, who am I?

   the Wise woman

   a witch

   the doctor

13. I cut your hair, remove your cataracts, lance your boils, remove warts and pull your teeth, who am I?

   a medieval barber surgeon

   my worst nightmare

   a witch

   the wise woman

14. What was an apothecary?

   a house of religious worship

   an early form of hospital

   a place to buy drugs and medicine

15. Where was the only place you could have found some degree of public health system in the Middle ages?

   in the peasant villages

   in the towns

   in the monasteries

16. Who were the flagellants?

   a medieval musical group

   A religious group who believe they could make God take the Black death away if they punished themselves enough

   a group of travelling doctors in the 1340's

17. There were two types of plague, one was bubonic, what was the other?





18. Who discovered the mild antispetic qualities of wine by trial and error in the early 13th century?

   monks in a medieval monastery

   Galen and Hippocrates

   Hugh of Lucca and Theoderic

19. Which of the following was NOT blamed for the Black Death?

   fleas and rats


   foul air

   God's anger

20. Roughly when did the Medieval period end?