Antiseptic and Aseptic Surgery

By Andy Walker

A multiple choice tests from

1. Who developed the carbolic spray in 1865?

   Robert Liston

   Joseph Lister

   Joseph Rowntree

2. What did carbolic spray do?

   it killed some of the germs present in surgery

   it annoyed the nurses

   it reduced pain

   it reduced blood loss

3. On whose work on germ theory did Lister base his conclusions?

   Humphrey Davy

   Edward Jenner

   Louis Pasteur

4. In the 1890s who discovered that hot steam killed more germs than carbolic acid?

   Robert Koch

   Joseph Lister

   Louis Pasteur

5. What is the technique called when you create a totally germ free sterile field before starting surgery?



6. What is the technique called when you try to kill existing bacteria during an operation to reduce infection?



7. At which University was Joseph Lister Professor of Surgery?





8. Who developed rubber gloves in surgery to protect the hands of his nurse (who was also his girlfriend) from the irritating effects of carbolic spray?

   William Halstead 1890

   William Wonker 1890

   William Windsor 1890

9. In which medical journal did Lister read and learn about the work of Pasteur?

   Private Eye

   Doctors and Nurses

   The Lancet

10. What reward was Lister given to mark his enormous contribution to modern surgery?

   a merit

   a knighthood

   a cash reward