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Edward Jenner and Smallpox
Activity 1: Reading and Quiz
Activity 2: Worksheet
Activity 3: AllWriteConsensus
Extension Exercise: Fact File
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WALT: Who was Edward Jenner, what did he contribute to medicine, how did he achieve it and how important was his discovery to the history of medicine?
WILFs: Can describe the story of Edward Jenner and the first vaccination (C)
Can explain which factors were important in Edward Jenner's discovery (B)... can evaluate the importance of Jenner's contribution to the history of medicine (A)

An Investigation into the first vaccination

Lesson Development
Starter: Round Table - how many different facts can you table find out about Edward Jenner - use you text books then Table Stand and Share

1.Whilst watching the introductory clip take rough notes on today's WALT
2. Promenade your partner - why is Edward Jenner so famous and how important was his work? then individual Stand and Share

3. Complete the worksheet
4. Stand up Hand up Pair up and take your partner to a computer and add to your lists from the PPT embedded on this page
5. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and take your new partner by the arm - promenade sharing and comparing what you have learnt
6. Now go back with your original partner to a computer and Rally Coach Activity 1 and activity 2
7. Form 2 circles and Paraphrase passport everything you have learnt about Edward Jenner

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