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WALT: How best to revise
1.Understand best revision techniques for my learning style
2.Know the importance of planning - have downloaded a plan and committed to it
3.Know where the best online support for revision is
4.Know how to contact my teachers for online support
5.Know how to cope with exam nerves
6 Know what exam words mean

Session Development
1. Click here to find out what your learning style is and write down 4 strategies you can use in your revision
2. Download a revision planner here and start filling it in
3. Revise using our recommended external revision links
4. Learn what exam words mean
5. Ask your teachers revison questions online using our Revision Forums (You need to be logged on to the VLE to use)

6. Learn how to best cope with those exam nerves
6. Listen to the Revision Pig - what can he tell you about how to revise

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