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The End of the Second Empire and the Birth of the Third French Republic
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WALT: What best explains why did Napoleon III fell from power in 1870?
WILFs: Can identify (E), describe (D) and explain (C) valid reasons why the 2nd Empire ended..... Can evaluate the fall of the 2nd empire in a supported and sustained judgement (A)

Lesson 1 Development


1. Mix  and discuss what can be praised and what can be condemned about the foreign and domestic policies of Napoleon III

2. When the music stops Rally Robin a table on Napoleon III's reign - make reference to both foreign and domestic policies .. use your notes to help you






2. Stand and Share your tables

3. Find a new partner and  further reconnect with the French history course by completing the Rally Coach exercise

2. Print, swap partners and share and compare - make changes as appropriate

3. Pair up again and promenade the questions 'Why did Napoleon III's regime collapse in 1870?' then with your revision twin complete a Diamond 9 diagram explaining why the 2nd Empire fell and print

4. Read and take notes from the PPT on the Third Republic

5. Finally Roaming review the following questions;

a) Why did the Second Empire collapse?

b) Why did France lose the Franco Prussian War

c) What were the successes and failures of Napoleon III's foreign policy?

d) What was the liberal empire and how successful was it?

e) How far did Napoleon III solve the problems which had brought down Louis Philippe?

f) how should history judge Napoleon III? Explain with reasons and explanations

g) Why did the Paris Commune break away from the Third Republic

h) why was the Commune crushed so brutally and with what consequences

Extension - What was the Paris Commune and what was its legacy - watch the video and take notes

Lesson 2 Development

WALT: What was the Third Republic, why did it emerge and what problems did it face?

WILFs: Can list cause and consequence accurately (D)..... K and U  of narrative of events (E)....Can evaluate cause and consequence with argument and support (B-A).... Can assess the significance of the Paris Commune long term and short term (B)

Starter - Round Table - Why did the 2nd Empire end? How should history judge Napoleon III? How and why has the 2nd Empire been interpreted differently?

1. Using the PPT and your books make a timeline of events from the fall of Napoleon III to the crushing of the Paris commune

2. Watch and take notes from the film clip on the Paris commune

Using your notes abd the Causes and Consequences PPT (embedded) below Rally Robin the Causes and Consequences of the Paris Commune using the following format


Explanation of how it's a cause


How significant was this consequence





Stand and Share
Mix Up and pair Up then complete a Diamond 9 diagram called The Causes and Consequences of the Paris Commune - try and split it 4/5 cause/consequences and explain in the side bar why you have made the selections you have. Print your work and return to the front to compare.
In groups of four continue your presentation/display which must include the following
a) What was the Paris Commune?
b) What did the Paris Commune attempt to achieve?
c) How and why was the Paris Commune crushed?
d) How should we interpret the Paris Commune?

e) A Fakebook account for Adolphe Thiers which covers this period
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