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Revising France 1814-48
Louis XVIII Problems
Sim and Diff 1815 &1830
Louis XVIII Success/Failure
Charles X Mistakes
Louis Philippe Success/Failure
1830 Revolt Causes
1848 Revolt Causes
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WALT - Revising France 1814-48 WILF - K & U of events E...... K & U of events and causes identified D/C ..... Causes analysed and evaluated - A/B ..... interpretations evaluated A*.... action planning for future revision

Simultaneous Round Table
Students respond in writing to the challenge/question on the paper - (pdf worksheets available from the blue button bar left)
On time being called students pass papers clockwise and add to the answer already been given. On receiving a new paper students must thank and praise the writer who has gone before them
Repeat until instructed to stop


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