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From Republic to Empire 1848-51
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June Days 1
June Days 2
June Days 3
Louis Napoleon 1
Louis Napoleon 2
Louis Napoleon 3
Scheme of Work
Reading list
A Level History Home

WALT - Why was the 2nd Republic so short lived? .... WILF K&U of key events 1848-51 (D)... evaluating significance and cause (B-A)

Starter - In Pairs read the Starter PPT - you have 15 mins to Rally robin the answers to the questions... Why did France become a republic for the second time in 1848? & Why was the 2nd Republic so short lived?
1. Pair Stand and Share your answers
2. Read the embedded PPT (below) which tells the story of events 1848-52
3. With a new partner Rally Coach a Timeline of events 1848-52 and print
4. Read Cowie and Wolfson 'Years of Nationalism' pages 140-151 and Mind Map answers to the questions on page 151 - the central body of your Mind Map should read 'From Republic to Empire 1848-52'

5. Pass the Parcel with Mind Maps - -review, add, illustrate, extend ... then return to owner

June Days

Lesson 2 Development
WALT: Why did the 2nd Republic end in 1852?
WILFs: Can narrate the key events 1848-52 (D) ... Can assess the significance of the June Days in the fall of the 2nd Republic and the rise of Napoleon (A)... Can explain how (C) and why Napoleon III came to power (A)

Starter: Promenade your Study Buddy and discuss the key events from 1848-52
Stand and Share
Micro teaching - form 3 groups and prepare to teach the following topics

  lGroup A: What were the June Days and how important are they in explaining the events 1848-52
lGroup BHow and why did Louis Napoleon rise to power?
Group C: Who was responsible for the failure of the the 2nd Republic? 

Pair Up and Roaming Review
1. Why was there a revolution in France in 1848?
2. How significant were important individuals in the events of 1848-52? Explain
3. How significant was class struggle in France in explaining events 1848-52? Explain
4. How did Louis Napoleon go from exile to Emperor 1848-52?
5. What best explains the failure of the 2nd Republic?
6. Who was the better leader Louis Philippe or Louis Napoleon? Explain your choice

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