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The Foreign Policy of Napoleon III
Foreign Policy Intro PPT
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WALT: How successful was the foreign policy of Napoleon III?
WILFS: Can show an understanding of the motives behind Napoleon III's foreign policy (D)... can describe and explain the details of the main foreign policy 'events' (D)... can compare and contrast successes and failures (C).. Can evaluate the success or otherwise of Napoleon III's foreign policy (A)

Lesson 1 Development

1. Find Someone Who - detailed answers - at least one paragraph fully explained... then Stand and Share

2. Investigate the Intro PPT on foreign policy and take notes

3. Now using the reading and your PPT notes Pair Up then Rally Robin successes and failures of Napoleon III's foreign policy ... make individual lists

4. Stand and Share

5. Pair Up and create a timeline for Napoleon III's foreign policy

6. Paraphrase passport today's WALT Q

Lesson 2 Development

1. Mix Pair Share

2. Group Tasks

a) Create a Fakebook account outlining the  foreign policy decisions made by Napoleon III 1853-70

b) Research an in depth evaluation of either i) Crimea and Italy ii) Mexico and Prussia - be ready to present to the class highlighting mistakes made by Napoleon

Reading : Randell

Magraw pages 187-190

Richards pages 91- 101

Murphy et al pages 354 365

Lesson 3 Development

1. Rally Robin key events in Napoleon III's foreign policy

2. Swap partners and create a living graph of foreign policy and print

3. Micro Teaching

4. quiz quiz trade - questions from Mr Walker

5. Exam questions

5. Plenary - paraphrase passport the WALT


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