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The Foreign Policy of Napoleon III
Foreign Policy Intro PPT
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WALT: How should History judge Napoleon III? .... What were the successes and failures of his domestic and foreign policies?
WILFs: Detailed K and U of domestic policy in the 1850's and 60's (D)..... Evaluation of success/failure of domestic policy (B-A).... detailed K and U of foreign policy events (D)... Evaluation of success/failure of foreign policy (B-A)

Starter: Roaming Revision:
1. 'Desperation' How fair an assessment is this of what motivated the liberal empire?
2. How effectively did Napoleon III solve the problems which had brought an end to Louis Philippe?
3. How effective was Napoleon III as a dictator?
4. How fair is it to say Napoleon deserved his fate in 1870?
5.Why did opposition to Napoleon III emerge in the 1860's and how did he try and deal with it?
6. What were the successes and failures of Napoleon III's foreign policy?
7. What motivated Napoleon III's domestic and foreign policies?

 8. How should history remember Napoleon III?

Lesson 1 Development

1. Review the PPT and Rally Robin the motives successes and failures of Napoleon's foreign policy 

2. Stand and Share

3. Pair Up and create a timeline for Napoleon III's foreign policy

4. Mix pair Share Plenary 

Lesson 2 Development

1. Mix Pair Share

2. Group Tasks

a) Create a Fakebook account outlining the  foreign policy decisions made by Napoleon III 1853-70

b) Research an in depth evaluation of either i) Crimea and Italy ii) Mexico and Prussia - be ready to present to the class highlighting mistakes made by Napoleon

Reading : Randell

Magraw pages 187-190

Richards pages 91- 101

Murphy et al pages 354 365

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